Frequently Asked Questions

My sales are flat no matter what I do?

  1.  You have worked hard to build your own unique business why have your sales have been flat or almost flat for three or four years?
  2. You will get more from your existing marketing and company resources by equipping them with more effective and useable tools and techniques, plus the unique knowledge to use them in everyday business.

Sales can not drive new reveue?

  1.  No matter what you or your sales team try, your sales revenues just seem to remain static?
  2. Sales People who want to contribute but just did not know how, they will have the tools and the knowledge to get “the how” done.

Why is Marketing always buried in brochures and trade show materials?

  1.  Marketing is not really part of your strategic planning. Why do they focus on brochure and trade show?
  2. You will get stronger marketing strategies and programs, not just executed programs, generating more dollars, units, and revenue.