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Hello, I’m Stephen Rayfield

I really enjoy gathering facts, developing analysis and generating marketing plan strategies that increase revenues and profits. That why I help marketing people, marketing managers and senior managers become better marketing plan developers. When you develop marketing strategies that everyone in the company understands they can support them. Whether it is sales, or production or purchasing, if they know what will increase the business, they can get involved supporting the programs. Isn’t it worth a short conversation learning about effective marketing plans?

How can i help


 Learn from my market proven expertise of 30+ years of real-world experience.

Over the years I have:

· Developed marketing plans for exiting products

· Generate marketing plans for new products

· Trained marketing people on how to write useable marketing plans

· Mentored marketing through the planning cycle

· Consulted with Senior Management on how to use marketing plans for their need

· Increased volume, revenues and profits, across business and consumer products and services

· Training marketing people on how to use effective marketing tools, models and techniques

· Written an international best-selling book, “Why My Company Needs Integrated Marketing Now!”

 Should we talk? Which of these business challenges do you face?

§ You have worked hard to build your own unique business but your sales have been flat or almost flat for three or four years. 

§ No matter what you or your sales team try, your sales revenues just seem to remain static.

§ Marketing is not really part of your strategic planning. Your marketing people are more brochure and trade show people.

How do you start?

For mentoring to generate real value there needs to be an understanding from both parties what is to be accomplished. We can start a conversation with you to uncover business-based outcomes with agreed-to metrics. 

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