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Training Seminars and Workshops

Looking for training workshops or seminars that build marketing skills that your people can apply now? Steve is a high-energy trainer with the enormous experience in the business-to-business, business-to-government, and business-to-consumer markets throughout North America and Europe. Having delivered over 500 seminars in front of over 5,600 people and develop seminars that have trained over 15,000 people globally, he knows what motivates people to learn. His specialty is taking seminar material and defining what is needed for your company.

There is no formula for ingesting information. You need to understand where people are now and where they want to go. Then you can help them build their knowledge, attitude and skills for a lifetime.

A fresh perspective will provide your team with real leadership capabilities in growing your business with a “knowledge-based” action program that fits your specific company’s unique needs.

There is a saying if the shoe fits . . . I can work with you as you need. How do I do this? There are several programs that can be customized to your specific company needs.


ESIL Marketing Discovery Session
This unique seminar is designed to provide the ‘hands-on’ tools, techniques and marketing skills that individuals must master to help drive the corporation towards its goals and objectives.
While many people understand marketing concepts, today Marketers must be ‘strategists’ that can think and act “outside the box”.

Theory is fine, but marketers must know and understand marketing application. Additionally, they must be able to convince management to support and fund their Strategic Marketing Plans.

Format: Workbook + Your Company Applications + Certificate

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ESIL Strategic Focus for Product and Marketing Managers
This seminar is designed to provide the tools, techniques and business skills that individuals need to be successful product managers. While many people understand the marketing process, Product Management is a different concept requiring the understanding of ‘hard business skills application’ and ‘soft people skills’.

Participants will learn ‘what to do’ as a Product Manager and ‘how to do it’ while they sit at their desk.

Format: Workbook + Complete How-to-create a Marketing Plan + Your Company Applications + Certificate

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ESIL Successful New Products and Services Creation
To develop a successful product, a system that is duplicable time after time needs to be developed, supported and managed. The steps of the system are critical to its ability to deliver those successful new products.

This unique seminar generates the systems, tools and key approaches you will need. It outlines the system in format, and then develops each stage in detail. Additionally, key models and templates are provided to develop not only an understanding of the process, but a detailed look at each key development stage.

Format: Workbook + Complete Idea to Launch System Your Company Applications + Certificate

Find out more about these training sessions by Contacting Stephen.

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The real opportunity to grow your business to the next level is yours for the taking. Invest in yourself and your company! Take action today.

Convenient Workshop and Seminar Delivery Options

  1. Live Training. I develop and deliver your workshop at a location convenient to your team. The workshops or seminars are usually 2 or 3 days depending on your needs. Your team will be energized with new models, templates and ideas to start driving revenue when they return to work.
  1. On-Line. When your team is under five people to be trained, it can be conducted in 90 minute modules via the internet. Interaction and learning from each other and Steve is supported with skills-building exercises, Q&A sessions, group discussions and real world application of tools, templates and models.

How do you start?
For training to generate results we need to start a conversation with you, to uncover business-based outcomes with agreed-to metrics. Contact me here

What Clients and Audiences are saying . . .

“Steve was knowledgeable and willing to tailor material to meet attendees’ specific needs and questions.”     ~ Stephanie West, ISG International Inc

“Mr. Rayfield has a wealth of knowledge and had a great presentation style.”
    ~ Doug Bishop, Bunn-o-matic Corp

“Seems very comfortable and knowledgeable about subject matter, and is not condescending about it.”      ~ Eileen Lemmerbrock

“Excellent World-Class Teacher! The best, most helpful professional training course I have attended.”      ~ Sara B Rossio

“I found Steve to be very enjoyable. I can immediately use everything learned in my current job.”      ~ Ian Rand

“Thanks Steve for making Marketing interesting for someone who thought it wasn’t part of his industry.”      ~ Dan Hammel

“Probably one of the most beneficial seminars I have ever taken!”      ~ Sandy Parten

“As a mentor and trainer Steve understands the dynamics that are required to get the best out of each individual.”      ~ Mary Pearson, MAP Enterprises

“Steve Rayfield is a great, motivating, professional trainer.”      ~ Eva Tille

“Excellent, interesting, interactive.”     ~ Katherine McKeen, Shell Canada

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