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Steve developed the Winning Marketing Plans Podcast site to meet a real world need for strategic marketing information focused on marketing plans.

I use interviews from world class marketers who are hands on in marketing their products and services. Learning what worked for them and what did not, combined with the lessons they learned and applied to increase revenues are just part of this iTunes site.

I open my marketing vault and pull out unique models, templates and examples from real world projects I have worked or mentor on. The podcast covers the model, examples of how it increased revenue and real world elements.

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What Clients and Audiences are saying . . .

“Great speaker, creative, used many unique aspects for overall presentation and fun learning environment.”     ~ Darin O’Callaghan, True North

Cadillac Fabrication
The marketing plan Steve help us develop was a turning point for growing the company. It help us focus our limited resources on the business options of high potential. ~ Keven W. Carrol  CEO

The marketing plan helped us to increase revenue, focus on our best opportunity markets and extend our service offering. A marketing plan is a great tool to develop activities and build your business. It really helped us stop being a jack of all trades and look at real business opportunities. ~ Kevin Bailey  President – Design 1st

Since we had never done strategic marketing plans it was a new experience. Steve mentored us to see strategies not just tactics. It really helped us to get a handle on what to do with our various products and programs. ~ Don Stockan Director – SaskTel

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