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Marketing plans

I help companies dramatically grow revenue to the next level with strategic marketing plans. Either I do the draft marketing plans for them. Or I mentor their current marketing people through workshops and one-on-one mentoring to deliver a finished strategic annual marketing plan.

I work with clients in several marketing areas:

  • Marketing Plans. If you have an existing product that needs to have a marketing plan drafted, I can bring my expertise, templates and models and develop a first-round marketing plan for you. The marketing plan will be focused on strengthening the strategic approach, identifying opportunities in the market, and providing action plans that will increase revenues.
  • Marketing Plans Skills. I work on developing the skill sets of marketing and management to create marketing plans that are more strategic in focus and tactically aligned with the needs of driving revenue.
  • New Product Marketing Plans. This can be a combination of working with you to develop the marketing plan. Or I can draft and create a launch marketing plan.


If you need advertising, research, or public relations, I have strategic partnerships with top consultants and advertising agencies to work with you.

How will I improve your marketing skills?

1. You will get more from your existing marketing and company resources by equipping them with more effective and useable tools and techniques, plus the unique knowledge to use them in everyday business.

2. You will motivate your people, since they will find their jobs easier, while generating self-satisfaction with the results. Your people may be frustrated because they have been unable to meet your needs to grow the business, despite working 12 and 14 hour days. They will be able to now get energized with the new found time they have for family, hobbies or just that extra project they have not be able to get to at work.

3. You will get stronger strategies and programs, generating more dollars, units, and revenue. To people who want to contribute but just did not know how, they will have the tools and the knowledge to get “the how” done.

Should we talk? Which of these business challenges do you face?

  • You have worked hard to build your own unique business but your sales have been flat or almost flat for three or four years. 
  • No matter what you or your sales team try, your sales revenues just seem to remain static.
  • Marketing is not really part of your strategic planning. Your team is more brochure and trade show people.

How do you start?

For mentoring to generate real value there needs to be an understanding from both parties what is to be accomplished. We start a conversation with you to uncover business-based outcomes with agreed-to metrics. Contact me here

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